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Join Our Team! Guest Writer Program (Beta)

Welcome to the Guest Writer Program (Beta). This program allows people with a business, blog, website, etc to advertise in exchange for providing tips content.

For the Find Tips (or FT) program, we are asking Guest Writers to create 50 posts within the forum. We prefer for the majority of the posts to be in the primary subject of your expertise (for example, “Tax Tips”) but encourage you to branch out and create posts for other topics as well. The Guest Writer (or GW) will create original content to add to that dedicated sub-forum and will read other posts already created in the subject to avoid duplicate content. The GW will review their work for grammatical and spelling errors as well as to the accuracy of the content. The GW assumes all responsibility for any content he or she creates within the forum and absolves the forum owners of any culpability regarding said content. Each GW is expected to maintain a presence within the forum by posting new content routinely. Failure to maintain a presence within the forum can result in suspension of signature content for any GW with less than 50 posts.

For the service of adding content to the forum, Guest Writers will be allowed a signature at the bottom are of their post within which they will be allowed to advertise their company, blog, website, etc. All advertisements must be legal and ethical and be approved by the administrative body of FT. We reserve the right to reject advertisements for any reason. Guest Writers with less than 250 posts in the forum can have a signature of up to two lines and a link. Once the Guest Writer surpasses 250 posts, a pre-approved logo or graphic may be add to the signature.

Only admin can add new thread topics. If you have a subject about which you would like to create tip posts for but it does not exist in the forum, you can contact us to submit your idea. If your subject idea is approved, we will create the subject thread and popuFTe the first few tips which we would like to appear first. After that, the thread will be open for you to enter new posts.

More Info
While this website uses forum software, it is not a typical forum in that we only desire tips only within the topical threads. Please post any normal back and forth discussion in the “Talk About Anything” sub-forum.

In order to keep all tips content consistent in appearance, videos and images are not permitted at this time. Please post your new, original tip content as text only. Links are also not permitted within tip content posts.

All content donated is considered reciprocal in nature in that the GW content is exchanged for advertising. For that reason, all donated content becomes the property of the site owner. If or when a GW is to leave the forum, the content will remain. We reserve the right to deny any application for the GWP for any reason. We reserve editorial rights to edit any content. We are not responsible if the site goes down for any length of time.

At any time these rules may change or be updated. If so, you will be notified.

Contact Us to Sign Up
If you are interested in contributing, please fill out an application to join our GWP at the following link: Guest Writer Program Application

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